Aral Basin Topography

From SRTM Hydrosheds

     The Aral Sea basin is located between longitudes 56o and 78o E, and latitudes 33o and 52o N covers approximately an area of 1.55 million km2 and covers the territory of Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, major part of Turkmenistan, part of Kyrgyzstan, southern part of Kazakhstan and northern part of Afghanistan and Iran. The Aral basin is a land-locked area in Central Asia which makes its climate continental and procipitation low and irregular. Huge variation in temeperature (seasonal as well as spatial) and elevetaion, hign solar radiation and low humidity characterizes the basin. 

     Amu Darya is the largest river in Central Asia having a length of more than 2500 Km and catchment area of about 300, 000 Km2(IFAS, 2011). Even though the Amu Darya river flow to Aral Sea before 1980s, a large irrigation diversion in the 1980s stopped the flow to sea completely. Syr Darya is the second largest river in the basin and is the longest (3019 km) with catchment area of about 220, 000 Km2.

    The basins as represented in the this project were "constructed" from the SRTM Hydrosheds conditioned 3" DEM, built on t:\topog\world\hydrosheds\hydrosheds.gdb.