Vegetation Modis Image


     The land use data for the model was obtained from MODIS 2003 (MOD12Q1 Land Cover Product - MODIS/Terra Land Cover 96 Day L3 Global 1 km ISIN Grid - IGBP land cover classification) tiles were acquired through the NASA ECHO website: . The MODIS tiles were mosaiced for the region. Some of the MODIS supervised IGBP classification land cover classifications were reclassified to match vegetation classes and their attributes used previously used for the Mekong VIC model by Costa-Cabral et al. (2008). The Aral VIC model is being run at a 1/4 degree cell size. 1/4 degree cell basin mask was created. The percentage of each different land cover area for every 1/4 degree cell size of analysis were then extracted in tabular form for use with the VIC model inputs.